About Shadony, Inc.

First of all, we are jewelry lovers. We love the details, the design, how we feel when we put something on to start our day or to go out at night. We know jewelry often defines us, tells the world who we are. We have felt our persona enhanced when we put on a bracelet for example and experienced the joy it brings every time we see it on us, like a mantra.

We are dedicated to service, whether you are a customer or a charity in need.

To this end, our sense of service does not end here. We are also committed to giving back to our community as well as globally, through our Shadony Shares program. Under this program, we will distribute profits from our online business to specific organizations which resonate with our initiative. These organizations specialize in environment and education programs.

Will have a list of the organizations with whom we plan to work shortly. We check the organizations to whom we donate and have professional contacts in them. That said, we are open to hearing about causes that are close to your heart and if they fit our criteria, we will be happy to make a donation in your name.

We wish you a positive, hassle-free experience.

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